A home video of the Hollywood superstar Johnny Depphaving a tantrum with his estranged wifeAmber Heard has gone viral.In the video, apparently shot by Amber Heard, Johnny Depp is seen throwing tantrums in their Hollywood mansion kitchen. Johnny appears to yell at his wife before throwing a wine bottle and a wine glass."I just woke up and you were still sleeping,"Amber Heard says. "We're not even fighting this morning. All I said was sorry." She asks Depp if anything happened in the morning to which Johnny simply says, "I don't think so." Johnny then pours the remaining contents of what appears to be a bottle of wine in a glass.

The video ends abruptly when he realizes that Amber had been recording the whole incident on her cellphone.

Amber Heard's bruised face pic

The footage of the Hollywood A-list couple has appeared on TMZ, an online celebrity gossip magazine famous for breaking the news of Michael Jackson's death. The video appeared days before a court hearing. Amber Heard has since filed for a divorce from Johnny Depp. The hearing takes place on August 17.

It all started in May this year when Amber Heard's photograph showing a bruise on her face appeared everywhere in the media worldwide.

She has alleged that Johnny had been violent towards her by throwing acellphone at her during a fight in their Los Angeles house. She has also accused her husband of repeatedly hitting her. On May 23 Amber instantly filed for a divorce and she managed to get a temporary restraining order against the Pirate of the Caribbean star.

Love didn't last for long

The high-profile relationship started on the set ofThe Rum Diary.

They met, they fell in love and they got married. But like a lot of relationships, it didn't last long. Amber Heard has claimed that throughout her marriage to Johnny Depp she suffered at the hands of her husband. In the court filings, Amber has alleged that he had been abusing her through these years.

Some argue that the video has been released as evidence to fast-track the divorce so Amber Heard can have her share of wealth from the actor.

This is just one of the many theories but the truth has surfaced in the form of the video and Johnny Depp looks ever more guilty for the breakup.

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