You’re the worst began as a dark romantic comedy intenton breaking the tropes that come with the portrayal of love in any medium. The first season managed to do just that, setting up two brilliantly fiendish characters and their corresponding goofy side-kicks. Season two managed to take things to the next level, establishing some believable character traits and setting up a story that looks like it is a long way from reaching any resolution. We find the zaniest, darkest and most grounded romance story emerge as a result of this season.

Edgar and Lindsay

You could always sense from the first season itself that Edgar was developing feelings for Gretchen’s best friend – Lindsay. Although the two are worlds apart in their personalities and opinions, the former veteran develops feelings for Lindsay, who is now separated from Paul as well. In this season, Edgar tries his best to make things work with Lindsay, but the sometimes air-headed, always manipulative blonde takes full advantage of Edgar’s naivety to meet her own needs.

Edgar eventually understands that Lindsay is not looking out for his best interest, and ends up falling in love with the leader of his improv therapy group – Dorothy.

Edgar struggles to maintain a sane and working relationship during this season, as his various personal issues get in the way of keeping normality between Dorothy and himself.

Lindsay on the other hand pretty much loses the plot this season and ends up wildly pursuing Paul, going to the extent of freezing his sperm in a condom and later using it to get herself pregnant (only to get Paul back). Paul moves on and finds a like-minded companion in Amy, and the two attempt to make their relationship work despite Lindsay’s continued interference.

The season ends with Edgar creating a strong bond with Dorothy, while Lindsay manages to break Paul and Amy up and convince him to return to her in order to raise their child.

Jimmy and Gretchen

I have to mention that Aya Cash, the actress who plays Gretchen, delivered on a stunning performance this season, perfectly riding the turbulent wave that formed the base of her character. The season began with Jimmy and Gretchen trying to make a live-in relationship work without letting things get too drab and stagnant.

The manic couple try extremely hard to not be a "normal" couple by partying endlessly and getting crazier with their gallivanting.

As they spend more time with each other, they end up getting closer to one another while also managing to uncover deeper issues about their respective personalities. We are introduced to Jimmy’s rowdy family this season and we come to understand his neurotic and self-obsessed behavior slightly better because of them.

Gretchen regularly sneaks out of her home in order to privately cry in her car, and when Jimmy confronts her about it, she admits to tackling depression for many years.

Jimmy attempts to be a helpful partner after this reveal, even as Gretchen tries her best to separate him from her personal problems, and help him behave neutrally by pretending to be happy. Their relationship hits an extremely bumpy patch during the course of the season, with Jimmy nearly breaking things off with Gretchen to pursue a bartender named Nina.

He eventually comes to his senses by the end of the season and manages to somehow get Gretchen to agree to start undergoing treatment for her depression. The couple also end up breaking their own rules and saying the most boring three words imaginable in their own eyes – I love you.

The third season is set to premiere on FX on August 31st, 2016.

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