Yolanda Hadid has been through a long battle with Lyme disease. While she was married to David Foster, Yolanda tried several different things to get better and nothing seemed to work. Her marriage ended up falling apart, and now Yolanda is making it sound like she might be done with her battle with Lyme disease. This would be great news if she was doing better.

What did Yolanda Hadid say to her fans?

Yolanda Hadid went to her Instagram and posted a picture of her looking out of the window of a plane. Along with this post, she said, "Homebound with a grateful heart, Thank you Dr. Klinghardt for bringing me to and shining light on the finishing line of my health journey." It really does look like Yolanda is doing better.

On last season ofThe Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, everyone saw that Yolanda Foster had her breast implants removed. She thought that this was part of her problem and was poisoning her body. If this is the case, that would make sense as to why Yolanda is doing so much better now. Hugh Hefner's wife Crystal Hefner shared not long ago that she had her breast implants removed for the same reason. She was really sick and is now feeling better after getting them out of her body.

Will you be able to see Yolanda Hadid on television again?

Yolanda has already shared that she won't be coming back toThe Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. That doesn't mean that Yolanda is done with reality television, though. There have been rumors that she could be joiningThe Real Housewives of New York City instead.

It would be interesting to see Yolanda on another show.

Right now, Yolanda Hadid is not on a reality show at all. Everyone would love to see her return to something, though. It would be great if Yolanda at least shows up onRHOBH as a friend so everyone can see how her health is doing and get a bit of an update.

Do you think that Yolanda Hadid is feeling better now and done battling Lyme disease?

Do you think that Yolanda should be onReal Housewives again? Sound off in the comments section below on your thoughts.

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