Yeh Hai Mohabbatein airs from Monday to Sunday at 7:30 pm and 11 pm on Star Plus. The storyline revolves around the love life of Ishita (Divyanka Tripathi) who is a Tamilian and Raman (Karan Patel) a Punjabi.

Shagun, Raman's ex-wife, lives with her boyfriend, Ashok and her son Aditya. Due to circumstances ishita and raman gets married and as the story progresses, it shows their journey in raising the child.

The episode starts with the coupleleaving the college and conversing about their daughter's school project. Ishi forces him to attend the meeting with the mothers of Pihu’s classmates.

Shagun complains about how Ruhi makes her leave the house to which Nidhi comments that she has not been beaten for long.

Shagun is still skeptical to help Nidhi and asks her to take support from Ashok. But Ashok due to his political career is not willing to help a criminal. But somehow Nidhi convinces Shagun to assist her and gives a contact number of a lawyer to take her out of the jail.

Ramana and Ishita reach the restaurant for the assemblage.

Ishita asks him to go forward and introduce himself while she will wait for him on another table. Ramana enters the meeting and meets the moms. They all starts flirting with him and praise him for his good looks. They take selfies with him, seeing all this Ishita gets jealous and interrupts their talk.

Later, they both have a discussion about the gathering.

He calls her jealous because of all the attention that he got. At that same time, Ram receives a message from Piyu to buy a present for her brother Adi. They both decide to go for Raksha Bandhan shopping.

Ishita buys a beautiful dress for her kids, and she is jubilant with the gift.

Ruhi then proclaims that she is so lucky to have her as a mother.

she smiles and shows Pihu’s dress and ask her to get her sister ready. Seeing this Raman asks Ishita to give her a hug. She looks at her husband and says that he is so charming and handsome. These compliments make Raman believe that his wife is planning something.

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