When you see McChicken trending on Twitter, you might think it's a play on words and there's someone out there doing an outlandish dare devil task. This trend might even spark your interest into thinking that just maybe there's a new McChicken sandwich in the wind, but no... that's not it at all. If you are going to hop on over to YouTube to see why McChicken is trending today be ready to never, ever, look at a McChicken sandwich the same way again!

There is a video, the McChicken video to be more specific, where a man is having sex with the popular sandwhich.

Yes, that is correct... some idiot apparently found another use for that fried chicken sandwich that is sold along with the famous burgers at one of the nation's most popular fast food places! Actually it is seeing the reactions posted on Twitter that are the most entertaining thing to come out of this trendingMcChicken, like this video below:

While it is online today and trending, as soon as you realize just what it is you are watching, you might feel a bit stomach sick.

People all over the Internet are describing their disgust for this video after they got roped into watching it as a trending topic on Twitter today. While the video is gross and not something anyone should want to see, folks all over social media today are having a field day with posting their reactions to this video, as seen in some of the tweets below! From splashing holy water in their eyes to crumbling into a corner, folks are getting the message across that the McChicken video trending on Twitter today is a sight you don't want to see!

Some of the funniest posts are found on Twitter's McChicken Video trending page today. Folks are taking clips from the movies and using them in very creative ways to convey just how this video made them feel! This one shows they can't clean the laptop enough after seeing what that video had to offer!

It looks like Joey from Friends has the same reaction most folks did after watching the McChicken video for a second or two until it sets in as to just what it is you are watching! According to the Tweets on Why is McChicken Trending, people are searching online trying to figure out just what McChicken is referring to. Once they do, they are more than likely sorry they went on that adventure today!

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