The 2016 Election is Here.

There are a lot of people who are complaining about the current state of affairs in American politics. However, if you look at it from another direction, this year's election would make a great TV show. You really could not come up with a better comedy script. In a year where the people want an outsider, you have a nominee who has been around politics her whole life. Hillary Clinton is the picture of what American political corruption is today. On the other side, you have a candidate who has trouble connecting with the average American voter.

He has said things to offend almost everyone from all walks of life, and at times it feels like he is not even taking the process seriously.

In the middle, you have the American voter who feels worse about the process than ever before. We are now in another election where people have to pick the "lesser" of two evils. Anyone who is looking to make a tv show out of what is happening could make a ton of money. So let's examine what this tv show would look like.

Donald Trump and the Election.

Few things are better for ratings than Donald Trump behind a microphone.

Imagine the opening scene with a strange looking character, a bad tan with even worse hair, standing behind the podium insulting people from all over the world.

In the crowd, people are calling out that they want someone who understands them and is not part of the elite class. A few people behind the curtain laugh, and they trot out the other candidate who made hundreds of millions of dollars last year, has been in politics her whole life, and is in the middle of a huge legal scandal.

That's right, we are living in a bad reality tv show for the time being.

Who Wins the Election?

According to polls, the race has really tightened between the two candidates. I imagine a scene from this hypothetical tv show where voters can their ballot but the two choices eventually lead to the same thing. With the sad state of American politics right now, sometimes the only thing you can do to keep from crying is to laugh, or to pretend you are living in a tv show.

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