We love Movies especially those ones that appeal to our lust. We appreciate the sensations caused by the gentle appeal of a man to a crush, the romantic holiday camps with kisses blowing everywhere as if that’s where the world ends. Movies have a subsuming power -Hollywoodand its allies in Nigeria and India have become powerful forces that define our relationships with the opposite sex.

How the Movie Industry defines love.

The movie industry is redefining the concept of love and what constitutes morality.

It is also helping to create a society with a new mind.The ‘over-sexualization’ of relationships make experts in family issues question if sex actually defines love. Having a beautiful slim body is what Hollywood defines as beauty and no wonder Halle Berry could easily fit in. A man walks into a shopping mall in Texas and sees a stunning uptown girl in an uptown world, he accidentally elbows her and the rumble and apologies afterward, results in a bewitching eye contact that sends series of “I do” messages to the brain.

Infatuation: Love at first sight.

Interesting to know, that within a twinkle of an eye, love happens. Despite the fact that attraction plays a vital role in any emotional bond with the opposite sex, it is quite disturbing how such ‘wow’ expressions at first sight suddenly turns to disintegration in months or days. Hollywood portrays freedom and choice in such a way that appeals to our youthfulness, it assures us that we can deviate from hitherto existing norms and still pull our way through.

So many times, romantic movies often form the basis of judgment concerning the opposite sex. Rejection, disappointments, infidelity, and divorce can become internalized into the subconscious mind of an individual and affect such a person in subsequent relationships.

Sometimes, the Cinderella story and the scenes that describe a perfect union appeals to many who feel such movie acts should exist in the real world.

They begin their search for the ideal, and in many cases, it doesn’t exist. This false definition of life and the amplification of physical attraction against the total personality of an individual has led to depression, suicide and health challenges for many. Welcome to Hollywood,where excitement and fun makes us and breaks us.

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