At this point it's no secret that Tamar Braxton got into a heated fight with her husband Vincent Herbert on Sunday night. There were reports that police were called to the Atlanta area Ritz-Carlton hotel where the couple were staying after Vince reportedly bit Tamar's finger so hard that she bled. The couple was seen again together the very next day but that hasn't stopped rumors that Tamar is getting ready to divorce Vince. As if getting the police called on them isn't shocking enough, it looks like L.A. Reid may be involved in the latest Tamar Braxton divorce rumor.

Tamar Braxton and Vincent Herbert's hotel battle

Now there is reason to believe that L.A. Reid may have something to do with Tamar and Vince's fight and not for the reasons one might expect. There has been speculation that Tamar had been cheating on Vince but that isn't the case with Reid and the recent drama. Instead, Sandra Rose reported that Tamar and Vince were arguing about her dying singing career.According to reports, Tamar fired Vince as her manager and signed on with Gerald Washington instead. Apparently, Vince got pretty upset when he found out that Tamar and Gerald went to see L.A. Reid without him and tried to get more money for Braxton.

Ask Kissy is calling a recent tweet by Reid a subliminal message or a subtweet regarding the not-so-great meeting with Braxton.

If that is the case, it means that not only did she not get more money, she is no longer with Epic Records as well.

Did L.A. Reid really drop Tamar Braxton after she asked him for more money?

If L.A. Reid did drop Tamar for requesting a pay raise, then Vincent Herbert has plenty of reason to be mad. That said, biting her finger was not a smart move.

Apparently, he just couldn't stop himself because Tamar Braxton wouldn't stop wagging the thing in his face while they were arguing.The very next day, the trouble couple was seen walking hand-in-hand in Los Angeles. Vince reportedly motioned to a photographer that everything was okay in their marriage.

However, many fans have said that, based on their body language, there is definitely trouble in paradise.

Given the high drama between Tamar Braxton and Vincent Herbert over the last few days, it's no wonder that fans have been wondering if Braxton will be heading for divorce court soon.

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