There may be plans for a future Harry Potter film, and if the higher-ups have their way, Daniel Radcliffe, the actor who originated the role in previous films, may be returning, but the actor himself may have other ideas.

What is this “Harry Potter and the Curse Child"?

While the books have already been adapted into a film series, with the last Book even split into two films, there may still be hope for the popular wizard character to be revived. According to sources, Warner Brothers has shown some interest in producing a film adaptation of “Harry Potter and the Cursed Child,” a West End play that cast the Hogwarts characters as adults, and serves as a sequel of sorts to the original.

The script of the play was also later edited into a book format itself, often leading fans to treat it as the eighth book of the series.

According to a press release, Potter himself has grown to be “an overworked employee of the Ministry of Magic” and the plot revolves around a coming-of-age story with his youngest son, Albus, and dealing with their family legacy.

Warner Brothers reportedly hopes to turn the storyline into a trilogy.According to sources, if Warner Brothers goes through with the project, there is only one actor that they would like for the main role: Daniel Radcliffe, himself, who played the part in the company’s previous film adaptations of the original J.K. Rowling books.

But will Radcliffe get back on the broomstick all over again?

As for Radcliffe himself, however, the actor has said in a released statement that he would now like to “keep some distance” between himself and the iconic character that made him a star.According to an insider, as Radcliffe has already rebooted his career with movies, like “The Woman in Black,” and his work on stage, such as on Broadway, he is not in a position of necessity to take the part if offered, and may require persuasion to take on the role all over again.According to sources, neither Radcliffe’s representatives nor Warner Brothers has been reached for comment.

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