There are exactly two months sitting between "Walking Dead" fans and the premiere date of the highly anticipated debut of AMC's "The Walking Dead" Season 7 opener. AMC has just released a new teaser trailer that will send chills down your spine, and find you loving to hate Negan even more.

Let the countdown begin!

By now all "Walking Dead" lovers have watched the first two teaser trailers (most likely, several times over) which are awesome, but it is the latest trailer that is really re-sparking fans' anxiety levels.

The new trailer takes each of the member's of Rick's group one by one, running through some of the past season's highlights in flashback sequences, and appears to possibly be their lives flashing before their very eyes as they kneel before Negan awaiting the wrath of Lucille.

The new videos are terrifying and causing fans a lot of anxiety and fear building up to the big moment we have all been waiting for since the season six finale. The trailers are also causing some to rethink their original predictions as to who will die, and the writers are doing a great job of planting fear and doubt into our heads.

It is beyond scary for many as they watch the trailers and not to mention very sad to know in just eight weeks we will be losing one, or more of our favorite characters. Who will it be?

As previously reported, it has already pretty much been confirmed as to who will die and if you haven't already read the season seven spoilers you may want to turn back at this time.

Saying goodbye to 'Walking Dead' favorites will be heartbreaking

Spoiler reports have revealed that we will be saying goodbye to not one, but two members of Rick's group...Glenn and Abraham. But the new trailers are doing a great job of showing us no one is safe at the hands of Negan and Lucille, and that by the end of season seven in 2017 Rick's group will be taking on an entirely different look than what we have grown accustomed to in past seasons.

No matter what the outcome, come Sunday, October 23rd AMC will be bringing in some huge ratings, and it is projected that the numbers will be astronomical, breaking television viewing records.

But, after October 23rd finally comes and goes where will it leave us? Sure there will be tears, heartbreak, and anger and there will be no way every fan will be satisfied. However, it will be a very interesting ride to continue on watching just what twists and turns the surviving group members will be encountering as the story continues to unfold. What are your thoughts on the upcoming season, and who do you believe will step up with the strength to take on Negan?

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