The cameras at the 2016#VMAswon't offer one shot of Taylor Swift rocking to the music and applauding her fellow musicians as they retrieve their awards this year. That's because Swift won't be attending theMTV VMAs. Could the news that Kanye West has been awarded free reign for a full 4-minutes at tonight's MTV awardshave anything to do with Swift not attending?

She'll be missed

Since Swift's last album was in 2014, she's not up for any awards this year, but besides picking up all those Moonman awards at the VMAs in the past, the camera loved Swift's presence while out in the audience.

The cameraswould swing her way as she swayed to the music, as she hugged her chums and to catch her demonstrating that endearing tendency she hasto look overly thrilled for her fellow musicians as they picked up their own awards.

Award or no award Taylor adds to the show!

Despite the fact Swift wouldn't be getting an award, she would have been a welcomed addition to the show each time the camera darted through the star-saturated audience! As the Mirror suggests the fans look forward to watching Taylor "dancing in her chair" at the MTV VMAs every year. This year she'll be bobbing and weaving somewhere else while watching the event!

Kanye intimidates her with 4-minutes free reign?

The feud between Kanye West and Taylor Swift started at the VMAssix years ago, when Kanye grabbed the mic from Swift telling her it was Rihanna who should have won the award she was presented.After that they seemed to make amends when Swift agreed to present Kanye an award at another VMAs event. Kanye said Taylor was "gracious" for presenting him his award and he also said if he had his daughter back in 2009 he probably wouldn't have done what he did.

Things were status quo for a while until West did something really horrendous to Swift via his songFamous. In the lyrics he takes the credit for Swift's fame, calls her a "Bitch" and suggests that he may sleep with her one day.Swift was livid about her name being used. Kanye's expected to devote much of that 4-minutes of free reign tonight to Famous. He is up for a VMA for the video on the track where a naked celebrity double of Swift was used and is in bed with West.

Granted, other celebrity doubles were also in bed with the rapper, but their names aren't degraded in the lyrics of the song. West and Swift are in the middle of a feud, one which Kim Kardashian morphed herself into and they've been spitting tacks at Taylor for some time now.

Taylor knows what Kanye's capable of

So did Taylor Swift foresee the future and that's what has opted her to stay away from theVMAs? She knows what West is capable of, he has already mortified her once on live TV and stole her big moment at the VMAs in 2009.

He doesn't care that he continues to embarrass her by using her name and calling her the degrading word, "Bitch" in the song and video. Add all that to the news that the self-proclaimed second coming has been given a pass to do pretty much what he wants at the VMAs tonight for a long 4-minute stretch and anything can happen. So if you were Taylor Swift, you'd probably stay away too! While Kanye West is not the reason given for Swift not planning to attend the 2016MTV VMAs, it is a pretty good reason never the less!

Her camp simply said that she wasn't slated to attend the event in the first place.

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