The Clairvoyants rode into the live shows with a bang and continued their amazing performances with another one that included some jelly beans.

Instead of just reading the minds of the judges, the couple actually managed to control the minds of the judges. Don't believe me?

Just check out the video below.

You can see the incredible psychic powers of The Clairvoyants in this video.

I just don't understand how they are doing this! In prior acts, people have suggested that the pair use a wire to communicate.

But the chalkboard trick performed by The Clairvoyants proves that idea untrue. Somehow the couple managed to know exactly what each judge was thinking.

They also somehow knew that Mel B would grab exactly 22 jelly beans, which is absolutely ridiculous. There's no way that anybody could have counted out all those jelly beans while they were being placed into the box.

The ending of the act was really impressiveand resulted in a standing ovation from every single judge. If I were there, I would have given them a standing ovation for that performance too.

It's hard to envision an'America's Got Talent' show without The Clairvoyants in the competition. If you have seen their earlier auditions, then you would understand why.


If you wish to see the prior auditions of The Clairvoyants, you can check them out below. We'll start with their first one.

This ridiculous audition immediately set the tone for the act's future performances on 'America's Got Talent'. By the end of it, plenty of Americans actually believed that these two had psychic powers. And the act only continued its greatness with its next performance.

This time, the act used a Vegas theme to impress the judges.

Somehow they managed to accurately predict a dice roll and select the correct card of 52.

But the act turned really impressive when The Clairvoyants somehow managed to accurately read off an entire serial number. If the act continues to have performances like these, it will definitely have a future in the competition.


There's pretty much a guaranteethat The Clairvoyantswill make it into the next round of 'America's Got Talent'. More than half of the acts move on, and this one was definitely in the upper echelon.

While the act is impressive, the couple will have to work on crafting a better story to win the votes of more Americans. This actwasalready successful in Europe, which puts them at a slight disadvantage when it comes to their story. Still, performances like these will have many Americans desperate for more.

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