There may not be another act quite asunique as Tape Face in the entire world. His silent act is so hilarious that he'll have you rolling around on the ground laughing by the end of it. And tonight was no different from any of his other performances, as he put on a show that will likely attract tons of American voters once again.

Tonight's Performance

For those who didn't get a chance to witness the greatness of Tape Face, the video is posted below.

This is just goofy, but if fits the persona of Tape Face perfectly.

If you had seen his earlier auditions on 'America's Got Talent', you would know that something like this was coming.This performance had me laughing and I would be surprised to see an act as unique as Tape Face disappear from the show. But he will still need all the votes he can get to advance further into the show.

First Auditionon 'America's Got Talent'

Tape Face's first audition could have been his best. To understand the hilarityof the act, you have to watch the posted video below.

The odd act was loved by every single judge.

His brilliant routine with the sock puppets was both cute and hilarious, even if it was a little silly. And the next part of the act was even better! His pretend dance with a woman wearing a red dress drew uproarious laughter from the crowd and the judges. This first act set the stage for what Tape Face would do later on the show.

Later Auditions on the Show

In the judge cuts round, Tape Face again brought something new to the table.

This time, he used judge Howie Mandel to brighten up his act.

This guy is just way too funny. He could easily be in one of those don't laugh challenges and I would crack within seconds. The portion with Howie Mandel was especially funny. The performance was enough to send Tape Face into the live shows even though it probably wasn't better than his first audition.

Tape Face took things to another level with his act in the live show.

This time, he embarrassedboth Heidi Klum and Nick Cannon with another unique performance.

America loved Tape Face so much that they immediately sent him into the semifinals. And why wouldn't they? This guy is an awesome performer with a penchant for the ridiculous. He deserved to be in the semifinals and proved it with his performance tonight.

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