Jibrizy Taylor has one of the most inspiring stories I've ever heard. At just 13 years old, he was diagnosed with Crohn's disease and was unable to go outside for two years. This unfortunate development forced Jibrizy to practice magic in his room, where he perfected the skill. He showcased that talent and thoseskills in an appearance on Penn and Teller's hit TV show 'Fool Us'.


A self-professed hip hop illusionist, Jibrizy Taylor was determined to dupe the experts on Penn and Teller's show.The self-made magician knows how to do magic with the simplest of props and needed just a deck of cards, a pencil, and a pen for his first flashy tricks.

For his main trick, Taylor pulled out severalpacks of sugar and a coin. Taylor then brought the show's announcer, Allison, onto the stage. She drew an X on the coin. Taylor somehow managed to transport that coin to a closed sugar packet that incrediblycontained the coin with the X on it when opened. To truly understand the greatness of the trick, you absolutely need to watch this video:

Penn and Teller fooled

Two of the greatest magicians in the world thought they knew what Jibrizy did to pull this off.

But when Penn suggested that Jibrizy used slight of mouth to pull off the ridiculous trick, Taylor realized that the pair did not truly understand how the trick had been done. After a brief conversation with Teller, Jibrizy celebrated when the magicians understood that they had been completely duped.


Jibrizy Taylor has already built himself a pretty big empire at just 20, as he currently performs magic for the Chicago Bulls and is looking to grow his brand.

To do so, Jibrizy is utilizing as much social media as possible. Jibrizy sees social media as one of the main keys for promotion in this generation, and he's absolutely right about its importance. Jibrizy has almost 1000 Twitter followers, more than 8700 Youtube subscribers, and more than 3000 friends to market to. If he continues to perform this incredible magic, his popularity will increase substantially.

If you want to see more incredible tricks, you can check them out on his website.


What are the end goalsof Jibrizy Taylor? I know that he wants to be a legendary magician at some point. But where would he like to be eventually? I can definitely see him as one the best magicians in Vegas, but I'm honestly not sure if that's where he sees himself in the future. For now, he'll continue to grow the empire that he already built. It's too bad he's not on 'America's Got Talent,'where magicians have been killing it this year.

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