Blake Vogt is turning heads with magicial performances that seem too real to be true. The talented magician has previously made an appearance on the hit TV show 'Penn & Teller: Fool Us' and has increased his brand awareness immensely on 'America's Got Talent.' Tonight, Vogt further increased his awesomeness with a trickthat took things to a much grander scale.

Tonight's Semifinal Performance

If you didn't get a chance to watch Vogt in the semifinals earlier, here is a video of the ridiculous trick.

This probably won't be enough to send Blake into the finals. Heidi Klum rightfully criticized the trick afterwards and I agree with what she had to say. His earlier performances were much more creative, innovative, and amazing. At one point Blake Vogt even turned Simon Cowell into a believer of true magic.


Blake Vogt's secondperformance on 'America's Got Talent' featured a trick that nobody could understand. The trick involving two separate denominations of money is posted below for your viewing pleasure.

How does he do that? I just don't understand how these magicians come up with these creative tricks and then execute them flawlessly. It's truly amazing to watch guys like this pull off these absurd tricks. And he had even more up his sleeve in the next round of 'America's Got Talent.'

Vogt took things to a grander scale with a trick that involved a lot of props and a simple deck of cards. The act was flashy enough for America to send Vogt into the next round.

And once you've seen the trick, you'll understand why.

Even Simon Cowell was completely stupefied by the trick! Blake Vogt got the harshest critic on the judges panel to think that real magic was being done by Vogt. It is pretty hard to explain how exactly he managed to predict the word bluejay and pull a playing card out of an egg. In fact, the act was downright incredible.


Vogt will unfortunately have to deal with some stiffer competition in this round.

He will be contending with fellow magician Jon Dorenbos and several other fan favorites including Tape Face, Grace VanderWaal, Sal Valentinetti, and Edgar. To advance, he will need all the votes he can get from Americans across the country.

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