Blake Vogt has slowly taken 'America's Got Talent' by storm. The magician has a quirky personality but he brought it all together in this performance that fooled the judges and everyone in the audience. It's a bit hard to explain the trick fully, so I would check out the video posted further below to get a full understanding of the trick.

The trick began with an audience member selecting a random bird. It then proceeded to Heidi Klum, who randomly selected the queen of diamonds from a deck of cards.

Somehow, Vogt managed to transport the card that Heidi thought of into an egg. He then wrapped up the trick by pulling down a sign that read "blue jay," the bird that the random audience member had selected.


Don't worry if you have no idea what I just said. The video is posted below to help you understand exactlywhat Blake Vogt did to trick Simon Cowell.

Earlier performances

Magician Blake Vogt was also impressive in his earlier performances. Vogt began his career on 'America's Got Talent' with a simple trick involving a $100 dollar bill and a $1 dollar bill.

He ate the bills and then something truly amazing happened.

He ripped the money then somehow put it back on. The bills looked nothing like their original form! How on earth did he do that? And he further added to his own mysterywhen he appeared on the hit show 'Fool Us'. The show, hosted by Penn and Teller, allows magicians to come on and attempt to fool Penn and Teller. Most magicians fail to make an impression on the two star magicians and fail to fool them.

Not Blake Vogt!

Again, Vogt uses money in his trick to impress the audience. This time, he interlinks the money in a version of the interlinking chains act that some beginning magicians start with. Vogt is clearly poised enough to go far in this competition, and the only question now is just how far he can go.


Vogt is already famous thanks to his appearances on both 'America's Got Talent' and 'Fool Us'.

His poise and skill as a magician was highly evident in this round, making him a likely candidate to advance further into the show. Unfortunately, Tuesday's show was stacked with talent. Fellow magician Kadan Rockett is cute enough to draw millions of American voters and every other act was also pretty good. Blake Vogt was excellent, but he will still sweat it out on Wednesday.

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