'America's Got Talent' act Deadly Games is one of the show's most interesting acts. A inspring duo that utilizes both danger and sexiness to a highly effective degree has managed to pull it all off tonight. They used a mixture of whips, knives, and bows and arrows to deliver a performance that will surely win the hearts of plenty of American voters.

Semifinal 'America's Got Talent' Performance

You really are on the edge of your seat for the entire time. Acts like these can inspire both fear and awe in the audience and I definitely felt both of those emotions.

How could anyone possibly be willing to do what this woman does? She's in so much danger for every trick and there's more than one of them! She doesn't flinch when the arrows are shot at her and she remained still while a whip cracked just inches in front of her face! And the duo wrap things up with a kiss to celebrate an awesome performance. How can you not love this group?

Earlier auditions

Deadly Games opened up their career on 'America's Got Talent' with a performance that wasn't quite on the same scale as this one.

The first dangerous act is posted below.

The knife throwing act gets a bit more intense at the end when the pair begins to dodge knives. It's a bit hard to believe that the two are married, but it's great to see that the couple is having so much success with a unique act like this. And their success only continued in their next audition on 'America's Got Talent.' This time, the woman in the group was placed on a spinning wheel while knives were thrown at her.

The level of danger in this entire act is completely insane! How could anyone be willing to take this much risk on stage? But the risks they took paid off and they advanced to the 'America's Got Talent' quarterfinals, where they wowed the audience yet again.

Lighting stuff on fire always makes things better! And it worked for Deadly Games, as they advanced to the semifinals and were able to give a performance of a lifetime.

Now they will just have to hope that America votes for them.

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