When it comes to Lala Kent ofVanderpump Rules, you never know what she will be up to next. Lala is living life and loving it. Fans remember that she was dating James Kennedy for a bit, but these two split and moved on. Since then, James has found a new girlfriend, but Lala seemed to still be living the single life. Lala has even been spotted with James and his new girlfriend, so it seems like they are all getting along just fine. Now she is sharing that she has found a new man.

What news did Lala share?

Lala Kent went to her Twitter page to share the news about the new man in her life. The thing is she didn't share a lot of details just yet. All that she said was, "I got myself a good man." Fans are responding to Lala and want to know all of the details, but so far she is staying quiet. Hopefully, it won't take too long for her to start sharing photos and what is going on in her life now. She has always been a bit secretive about things so Lala won't share this news until she is ready to do it.

Will you get to see her man on television?

The sad news is that you probably won't ever get to see Lala's new man onVanderpump Rules. This news all comes out right after Lala shared that she is leaving the show. She wasn't fired, but instead Lala decided to quit on her own and move on to do other things. At the time, Lala said, "I made the decision to leave the show. I realized it isn't for me. IT WAS COMPLETELY MY DECISION." Lisa Vanderpump didn't fire her, and Lala was just ready to move on.

She did make a name for herself on the show, though.

The fact that Lala still hangs out with James Kennedy is the one reason you might get to see her again. She could decide to show up for an episode or a party now and then. You just never know what will happen until the season airs.

Are you happy to hear that Lala Kent has found love again? Who do you think the new man in her life could be? Sound off in the comments section below on your thoughts, and don't miss new episodes ofVanderpump Rules when it returns to Bravo.

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