Last week on UnREAL, the audience learned two big secrets that the show has been keeping: Rachel’s mom is horrible, and Yael is an undercover reporter. This week, the show exposes a bit more of Yael’s endeavors.

This week on UnREAL.

The show opens with Coleman watching the confession video of Rachel he filmed in last week’s episode. Rachel walks in on him watching, and Coleman tells her about how they should expose Everlasting for what it is. Rachel is reluctant and wants to erase the footage because she doesn't want to hurt the show or Quinn. He tries to convince her that Quinn is holding her back.

As for the show they’re filming, Everlasting is down to the final three: Chantal, Tiffany, and Yael. The producers want Darius to cut Chantal, but Darius wants Chantal to leave on her own terms, due to having already embarrassed her once.

Yael and Coleman are up to no good.

Yael gives the tape of Jeremy ranting and exposing the show to Coleman, then kisses him even though he said he's still with Rachel. And because this show can never not have drama, Madison sees this exchange happening, which she will use later. Rachel is ready to go back to work, but Quinn seems like she's not ready to accept Rachel back due to her mental health being strained. Quinn says she can work with Madison, which results in Rachel insulting Madison, to which Madison replies that she saw Coleman and Yael being a little more than friendly.

Later, Rachel confronts Coleman, and he admits she made a pass at him, but everything is fine. She remains unconvinced.

Rachel brings excitement back in this episode ofUnREAL.

Quinn is desperate for entertainment after suffering through a boring date that Tiffany and Darius had, so she listens to an idea from Rachel about taking down Yael.

Quinn, queen of drama, is obviously into it. Cut to Rachel helping Yael get ready for her date. At this point, Rachel knows that Yael made apass at her boyfriend, but Yael doesn’t know that. Yael and Darius have a nice dinner date, with light dancing when Yael begins to not feel very well. The audience can figure out that Rachel poisonedYael’s dinner to sabotage this date.

In the end, Yael’s bowels get the best of her, and because Rachel chose her outfit--she was wearing white. Yikes!

What is Chantal's fate on UnREAL?

Earlier, Jay told Chantal that Darius was choosing Tiffany as the winner, and convinced Chantal to leave on her own. Confusion ensues when Jay tells Darius that he convinced Chantal to drop out he doesn’t know that Madison manipulated her into staying, just like a good producer would. On their date, Chantal gives a speech to Darius before, and he thinks she's about to announce her departure, but she jumps into the hot tub, naked. Darius feels like she’s back in the game, and staying until elimination. As for Tiffany, no one (except Jay, who just thinks they've kissed) knows that she's currently hooking up with Chet while dating Darius on the show.

Quinn and Rachel, the queens of UnREAL, are back in full force

Quinn and Rachel have a heart to heart where Quinn tells Rachel she has saved her from so much legal trouble but, Coleman is somehow listening in on their conversation. Later, he plays the recording of their conversation to Rachel and admits he tapped her phone. She goes along with his plan in her Rachel Goldberg way--completely faking it.

Darius ultimately eliminates Yael, and later she is angrily packing her bags. Coleman calms her down, and they hook up. Then, Quinn gets a call from her doctor saying she can’t have kids, which, unfortunately, ends her and John’s relationship. Quinn has a breakdown and destroys equipment in the control room.

She tells Rachel to leave, not to get stuck at Everlasting, and tells her she loves herand fires her. Rachel tells her that Coleman knows everything and wants to expose the show, to which Quinn says they need to take him down. Quinn and Rachel are back in action for next week’s season finale.

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