Almost three dozenUnited States Postal Service employees at a Southern California facility have been charged in 28 cases for stealing packages and medications belonging to veterans. The 33 accused were chargedwith mail theft, embezzlement, bank fraud, possession of stolen mail, conspiracy, use of stolen credit cards and making false statements. One postal worker had tens of thousands of pieces of mail in her possession, according to the Central District of California attorney's office. Also, other than the 33 postal workers, a few of the crimes were committed by contractors and non-postal employees.

Crimes of postal workers

Prosecutors listed names inlocal newspapers of all who have been charged with the various postal crimes. Here are examples of some of their crimes.

  • Justin Brewster, 25, is a mail processing clerk charged with stealing video games mailed to or from Gamefly, a video game rental service.
  • Jarol Garcia, 33, stole at least 166 mobile phones from packages intended for customers.
  • Michael Smith, 43, allegedly stole money orders.
  • Nicole Elwood, a 45-year-old letter carrier, was charged with stealing medications mailed to veterans by the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs.
  • Sherry Watanabe, a 48-year-old mail carrier, had48,000 pieces of mail in her house.
  • Tamika Deloach, a mail carrier, stole checks and deposited them into her own credit union account.

Other related crimes include falsifying postal records, using postal gas cards for personal cars, and the list goes on.

If the postal employees could think of a Crime within the postal service, they did it.

Punishment for postal workers

Needless to say, all the crimes are federal offenses. Nodoubt the employees who committed the various crimes will lose their jobs. The jail time and fines will not be the same for all of them. Since the crimes were different, the workers will be tried individually. For example, Watanabe who hoarded 48,000 pieces of mail in her house faces a maximum of three years in jail.

She has entered a plea agreement. The Southern California Postal Service lost hundreds of thousands of dollars because of the crimes committed by so many postal employees.

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