No, Tyga isn't the Fresh Prince. However, he might have been "whistling for a cab."

Tyga was browsing the Calabasas Bentley dealership with Kylie Jenner. While making it happen with Kylie, Tyga's ride was being confiscated by the Ferrari dealer's third party source.

According to E! Online, the dealership gave the repossession associate a spare key to Tyga's car.

So, where did the repo happen? Well, he wasn't riding with Kylie that day. It happened at the Bentley dealer location. Can you imagine? You're browsing a new car with "Bae," and some repo guy pulls up and snatches your ride...the ride the two of you drove.

Tyga's friends come to the rescue

Nevertheless, Kylie and rapper Tygahad friends who were kind enough to pick them up from their abandoned happenstance.

Crazy, right? These repo men certainly know how to trail a target.

If the job in repossession didn't work out, they'd be great as hitmen, surely.

Financial troubles bubble to the surface

The source reports that Tyga missed a few payments due to his financial woes.

And, this comes just after having dished out $186,000 to a landlord after reaching a settlement with anabandonedproperty.

According to the report, Tyga's rent was due, and he had failed to pay it, in the similar fashion concerning the recently repossessed Ferrari.

The report mentions that Tyga abandoned the house in 2015.

Upon doing so, he left the house in a shameful condition.

Specifically, the source mentions"gross disrepair, utility bills unpaid and hazardous environmental waste that required professional clean-up."

"The damages ultimately totaled more than $131,000 with attorney fees surpassing $37,000 for a finaljudgment of $186,275.89," notes E! Online.

How much were Tyga's bills!?

Tyga's monthly rent was $16,000 per month.

That's just ridiculous, no? Apparently, Tyga might have thought sotoo.

The source states that, just three months after obtaining the property, he stopped paying the $16K rent.

It seems, also, that Tyga didn't leave in good spirits. The news outlet mentions that the landlord noticed he had caused major damages to the property upon his exit.

The report says that rapper Tyga ripped the automatic gate opener off its fixture, damaged bathroom tiles as well as other parts of the home.

In essence, the total cost of repairs tallied around$480,000, says the report.

What are your thoughts regarding Tyga's finances? Did you think it was a matter of time before his Ferrari would get repo'd? Feel free to share your comments in the section below.

Antonio J. Newell is a writer for Blasting News. You can follow him on Twitter: @TonyBhaingz.

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