Tom Cruise, 54, is just not too into being a dad these days, according to reports, the Mission Impossiblestar has not seen his daughter ten-year-old Suri Cruise in three years. It has been revealed that Suri is single-handedlyraised by her mother, former Dawson's Creek star Katie Holmes.

Suri Cruise without a father in her life.

Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes have had, to say the least, a bizarre relationship since day one. Tom and Katie began dating back in 2005, from that moment on it was a whirlwind, hard to comprehend relationship for the former couple.

It started with Cruise choosing to announce his undying devotion for Holmes by climbing into a sofa at the Oprah Winfrey Show, to announcing just several weeks later that they were expecting a baby together.

Suri came into the world in April of 2006, and TomCat, as Tom and Katie were dubbed by the public, exchanged wedding vows that following November in Italy. Five years later an unexpected announcement revealed Katie had filed for divorce from Tom, divorce documents to this day have remained sealed, with little to no details having been revealed.

Why is Tom avoiding his daughter?

However, it has been suggested that Tom's relationship with the Church of Scientology played a key role in their relationship from the start, supposedly hand picking Katie has Tom's wife. It has also been highly speculated that Katie could not tolerate Tom and the church's beliefs and controlling ways which led to her secretly filing for divorce.

This does not, however, explain Tom's absence from Suri's life.

Though, it has been revealed, Cruise was granted a very lenient visitation with his daughter, and the choice has been his, 100 percent as to whether, or not he see her.

Oddly enough, it has been wondered by fans for years as to whether Tom has just chosen to abandon his daughter, or if there is a much deeper reason for his absence. Could he be steering clear of Suri as a way to protect her from the church?

Katie Holmes raises the daughter alone.

Whatever the reason, it appears as if young Suri is growing up seemingly well-adjusted, (as well-adjusted as can when you are the child of famous parents, that is) and loving life with mom in NYC while dad does his thing in Los Angeles. It is not clear as to how Katie Holmes has handled discussing Tom's absence with the preteen, or at this point in her young life if Suri Cruise even cares anymore.

What are your thoughts on Tom Cruise and his non-relationship with his daughter Suri Cruise, is she better off being raised just by Katie Holmes?

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