In the past few years, multiple tabloids have written that the Church of Scientology has conducted Tom Cruise girlfriend auditions. It sounded like a far-fetched story, but one woman claims it's true. A former high-ranking Scientology member is breaking her silence, claiming that she was auditioned for the real-life "role."

Woman talks about audition to be famous star's girlfriend

Several reports propagated that there were women auditioning to be a potential love interest for Cruise. One woman is giving those reports merit.

Voice-over actress and former Scientology member, Cathy Schenkelberg, says she allegedly auditioned to be the Actor's suitor.

Of course, Cathy's story hasn't been confirmed by any reputable outside sources. If this former Scientology member was part of the Tom Cruise girlfriend auditions, it hasn't been verified as true or false by the movie star's rep -- or by the Church of Scientology itself.

Daily Mail interviewed Cathy, who said she was asked all types of questions in a highly secretive meeting believing that it was for a training course within the institution.

She was on video answering various questions about herself when the interviewer switched up the topic, asking what her opinion of Tom Cruise was. Cathy replied that she viewed him as a "narcissistic baby" and that she "couldn't stand him."

So, how did this woman who auditioned to be the most famous actor's girlfriend learn this was about an evaluation for the Mission: Impossible star? When Cathy concluded the interview and left the room, another actress was waiting outside.

When the actress asked Cathy how it went, she was flummoxed, inquiring about what she meant. She informed Cathy that she'd just tried out for an audition to be Tom Cruise's girlfriend. Cathy quipped that she didn't think she got the "gig."

Scientology no longer part of Cathy's life

Cathy Schenkelberg recently opened up about her past with Scientology, telling several media outlets that she spent over $1 million in 14 years on the religion in coursework.

Scientology tried recruiting Cathy's daughter when she was just nine, but got out of the religion in 2009 and changed her life. She discussed her experience on her comedy plan, Squeeze My Cans. It details her past with Scientology as a form of tell-all.

Is there any relevance to Cathy's story after all those reports about various women auditioning to be Tom Cruise's girlfriend?

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