Thomas Gibson, of Criminal Minds fame, is no longer just suspended from the show, he has been let go all together after having an altercation with the show's producer. Gibson has been on all 11 seasons of Criminal Minds and he will appear in the first two episodes of season 12, with the season opener scheduled to air on September 28.

Who caught the brunt of Gibson's anger?

Gibsonhad a "violent incident" on the set of Criminal Minds, according to Variety, which has led to his dismissal of the show.

So what did Gibson do to get ousted off the show? He is said to have kicked a producer of the show, which resulted in the ABC Studios conducting a probe into the incident.

After a two-week internal investigation was conducted, the results were in and Gibson was let go. Officials from ABC have not released the producer's name who was the alleged victim of Gibson kick, but TMZ has learned that it was Virgil Williams who caught the brunt of Gibson's anger and was kicked.

Life not imitating art in this case

Gibson, who played Aaron Hotchner, the head of the criminal profiling unit, was called "Hotch" by the staff on the show. The show is scripted so that the characters respectand look up to his character as a kind and caring boss.Apparently art isn't imitating real life when it comes to the very non-confrontational Hotch on the show. Gibson in real-life is known to be quite volatile on the show, according to those who have worked with him.

His co-stars, as well as the crew have been verbally abused by Gibson.

The writers are not sure what they will create to describe Hotch's abrupt departure from the show, but it will be interesting to see if they kill him off or if they show a plane take off into the sunset for Hotch's new gig across the ocean! It really is a blank canvas for the writers because he is definitely not returning!

Not the first time around for Gibson

Back in 2010 after he had a "violent outburst" with the show's assistant director, many thought he would be shown the door, but no.... the head honchos from Criminal Minds had him go through an anger management course. Gibson released a statement saying how much he loves Criminal Minds and how he enjoyed working with the staff and crew. He also said thatalthough he has been with the show since the beginning, he won't be able to follow it through to the end as he had hoped would be the case.His statement was very upbeat and basically a good-bye letter to Criminal Mindsfans, fellow cast mates and the people who bring the show to the screen.

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