Thomas Gibson, who playsAaron Hotchner on Criminal Minds, has been suspended for two episodes from the popular CBS crime drama. The reason for the immediate suspension is because Gibson reportedly had a physical altercation on the set.

Reports state that Gibson kicked co-executive producer Virgil Williams in the leg after a disagreement. The altercation took place while Gibson was directing rather than while he was acting as special agent Aaron Hotchner.

Thomas Gibson's statement

The 54-year-old star admitted his wrongdoing in a statement and said he regretted that it happened.

He explained that there were some differences with a writer and producer he was working with. It is helpful to know that the disagreement was while Gibson was helping Williamsproduce the show.

It wasn't about his acting role. When Gibson returns to the show after his suspension, he will return only to act and not to work as a producer. This is not the first time Gibson has physically attacked someone connected with the show. In 2010, he pushed an assistant director. He wasn't suspended then. Instead, he was required to take anger management classes.

Gibson's roles on "Criminal Minds."

Gibson has appeared ina starring role on Criminal Minds since its debut on September 22, 2005. He started out being a Special Agent, but he moved up the ranks and now plays the part of Supervisory Special Agent and the chief of the FBI's BehavioralAnalysis Unit (BAU) that's headquartered in Quantico, Virginia.

Gibson's demeanor as Hotchner on the show is cool and calm.

As an actor and head of the BAU, Hotchner is the one who keeps everyone on the team in line.

That's quite a contrast from the two physical altercations he has had on the set with the writer and producers. Now that he has been suspended from two episodes, perhaps he will be more in control of his temper.

'Criminal Minds' changes for Season 12

Fans of the show know that Shemar Moore,who played Derek Morgan, left the show after eleven seasons.

Aisha Tyler, who had a recurring role as Dr. Tara Lewis, will have a regular role as Forensic Psychologist and Supervisory Special Agent.

Paget Brewster will return asEmily Prentiss in the role of a Supervisory Special Agent. Do you think the changes will affect ratings for the next season of Criminal Minds?

Are you surprised that the emotionless Aaron Hotchner and Thomas Gibson are quite different on and off the show?

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