Fans of The Young and the Restless have come to love Justin Hartley in the role of Adam Newman, but many are worried that change is on the way. The actor is one of the ensemble cast members of the upcoming NBC show titled This Is Us and there is buzz swirling that he may end up leaving Y&Rin order to focus on the new series.

Justin Hartley was already an Adam Newman recast onYoung and Restless

Justin Hartley had big shoes to fill when he took over the role of Adam Newman on Young and Restless. Michael Muhney had played the character previously and his departure had many fans in an uproar.

Adam stayed off-screen for quite some time and Hartley was brought in quite a few months later. It took some time, but at this point, Y&R fans seem to love the actor in the role. For his part, Justin has been quite open about saying that he loves his role as well.

At the same time, Hartley has already done quite a bit of work in the primetime arena and he has a new show about to debut. NBC's This Is Us is generating a lot of early buzz and the trailer garnered massive views on YouTube. When asked during some media rounds about being able to do both Young and Restless alongside This Is Us, Justin essentially said that it's not his call to make.

How couldYoung and Restless incorporate Justin Hartley's departure or a recast?

The Young and the Restless has certainly written a storyline for Adam that lends itself to seeing the character off-screen for a bit if needed. Newman is currently in jail, and while new evidence would appear to exonerate him, he had a breakdown behind bars and assaulted a guard. Adam is now facing additional jail time or an insanity defense.

Hartley has indicated that he will be off the canvas for a short while as This Is Us kicks into gear, and it looks like some time with a mental health professional or remaining behind bars may be ahead for Adam.

Beyond that, Young and Restless may simply be waiting to see if This Is Us becomes a big hit or an early cancellation. Given the bidding war that reportedly took place for this series, it seems likely that NBC will stick with it for a while.

According to Celeb Dirty Laundry, Y&R may be in the early stages of putting together a backup plan should Hartley have to depart.

WouldYoung and Restless consider bringing Michael Muhney back to play Adam Newman again?

There are plenty of Young and Restless viewers who are already calling for the show to bring back Michael Muhney to play Newman. There have been regime changes behind-the-scenes of Y&R, but it still seems unlikely that Muhney would be brought back considering all of the controversy that swirled around his departure. Instead, it seems, the show may be in the midst of a casting call to find a new actor to play Adam.

Y&Ris currently looking for an actor to play a character named “Dean,” described as a Caucasian man in his mid-30s. SheKnows Soaps adds that Dean is said to be from a wealthy family, but he also has humility and ethics that he holds true to despite family issues related to greed and ambition. The new cast member is supposed to begin filming at the end of August for a fall debut.

Would viewers accept a replacement for Hartley onYoung and Restless?

The Young and the Restless has already dealt with a number of controversial recasts in addition to the Hartley/Muhney saga. Burgess Jenkins had taken over the role of Billy Abbott after Billy Miller left, and he was replaced not long ago by Jason Thompson.

Other popular actors come and go with less fanfare, but if Justin were to depart, that would be a very big deal for this show.

That description of “Dean” certainly does sound like Adam Newman, but is the show really ready to recast the role already? If Justin Hartley does leave The Young and the Restless, will viewers accept a new actor in the role? Y&R fans will have to stay tuned for further details, and many look forward to the September 20th debut of Hartley on NBC's This Is Us.

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