"The Walking Dead" spoilers are revealing big things for Season 7. The latest news claims that fans will see yet another character die sometime throughout the course of the season, and that character may meet their demise in the mid-season finale of the upcoming season.Rumors are flying that a brand new filming location as been revealed for Season 7 of the hit show, and that fans will soon be seeing some beach and water scenes.

'The Walking Dead' to lose yet another character?

During one of these beach scenes, it's being reported that a dead body will actually wash up on the shore, but who could it be?

Some fans believe that Negan will strike again, killing yet another member of Rick's group.If the comic book is any indication on who will die past "The Walking Dead" Season 7 finale, then the character of Spencer, played by Austin Nichols, could be in really big trouble. In the graphic novel, Negan kills Spencer not too long after Glenn's death.

Will Spencer die in Season 7?

Meanwhile, it seems that all eyes will be on the season premiere in October to find out which character Negan murdered by brutally bashing their head in.

The Season 6 cliffhanger finale left fans wanting more, and scared that their favorite character may be leaving the series. It seems that most viewers believe that the character of Glenn Rhee, played by actor Steven Yeun, is a goner, and will be revealed as Negan's unlucky victim when the show returns in the fall. Glenn is the character killed off by Negan in the comics, so it seems only logical to believe that he'll also die on the TV series.

All signs point to Negan killing Glenn

Meanwhile, Steven Yeun has reportedly only been seen filming one episode of "The Walking Dead," leaving fans pretty confident that he's the one whose been sadly booted for the show.What will Glenn's possible death mean for the rest of the characters, especially his pregnant wife Maggie? The Season 7 premiere is sure to be heartbreaking, and fans can't wait to find out what happens when "The Walking Dead" makes its highly-anticipated return to TV in October.

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