"The Walking Dead" season 7 is quickly approaching, and fans are trying to sort out the true spoilers from the fake ones. In a newly released clip from the upcoming season, it appears that fan favorite character, Daryl Dixon, could be in danger of losing his life.

According to reports, the newly released clip, which was shown during a "Walking Dead" season 7 preview special on AMC, shows a scene in which Dwight, who is one of Negan's men, is riding Daryl's motorcycle and wearing his famed angel winged leather vest.

Does this mean that Daryl is a goner, and was actually killed by Negan in the now infamous lineup scene? It could be. However, Dwight has a pattern of stealing things from Daryl, as he stole his crossbow in a previous episode.

Will Daryl Dixon die in season 7?

So, even if Daryl is actually still alive during season 7, Dwight may have added insult to injury by stealing two of his most favorite things, his bike, and his vest. Fans will definitely not like the way Dwight parades around with Daryl's things, but Mr.

Dixon may have bigger problems to worry about.

"The Walking Dead" viewers know that when the season 7 premiere rolls around one of their favorite characters will be dying. In the season 6 finale, new super villain Negan brutally killed a member of Rick's group by bashing their head in with his baseball bat. However, that victim was not revealed to viewers, and fans have been trying to figure out who got that bat ever since.

While cases could be made for many characters such as Abraham, Michonne, Eugene, and Maggie, it appears that all signs are pointing to the character of Glenn.

Is Glenn Negan's victim?

Since Glenn is the character to die at the hands of Negan in the comic book series, fans will likely not be shocked if the character is revealed as the unlucky victim in the season 7 premiere.

Meanwhile, it appears that Negan is here to stay, and he's got his own set of rules, which Rick's group, and fans, will have to get used to throughout the course of the season.

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