When Danai Gurira was first introduced on The Walking Dead as Michonne, not many viewers predicted a future romance with Rick Grimes. However, last season on the zombie apocalypse television show, it was clear that Rick and Michonne aka "Richonne" were getting closer. Even though they have great chemistry and seem perfect together, will their relationship last?

Rick and Michonne in season 7

On the season finale of The Walking Dead, one or more of Rick's group lost their life. TWD fans won't find out who Negan killed until season 7 premieres in a few months.

It was teased by Norman Reedus that everyone will be broken by Negan's actions. The actor hinted that some characters could drastically change due to the events that take place. Even though something like this could shake up a relationship, Richonne will probably stick together. At least it seems this way for now.

Will Michonne and Ezekiel get together?

In The Walking Dead comic books, Rick and Michonne are never a couple. When The Kingdom is introduced, Michonne and Ezekiel end up becoming an item.

They get off to a rough start, but eventually flirt and bond. This doesn't seem likely in the television show, though. Michonne has always been loyal and is probably that way in relationships, too. Besides, Rick has lost enough women already. The writers should let him enjoy some happiness while all the craziness with Negan and the Saviors is going on.

How Oceanside could affect Richonne

It was revealed that several more communities will be introduced in season 7.

In the comic books, there is a place called Oceanside. Pretty much, it is a group that trades, barters and sells items, mostly seafood. In fact, filming reports have stated that there will be at least one or two scenes at Jekyll Island. This seems to confirm that Oceanside or another similar community will be featured in The Walking Dead. How does this affect Richonne? In the comics, Michonne goes to work at Oceanside.

She eventually returns to Alexandria, but in the zombie apocalypse, nobody is going to leave the man they love unless it is absolutely necessary.

What do you think will happen with Rick and Michonne? Will they last or is The Walking Dead couple doomed?

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