The cast and crew of the popular AMC series The Walking Dead were once treated to the sight of Norman Reedus, prancing around the TWD set totally naked. This tasty piece of information was revealed by exec producer Greg Nicotero as part of the release of The Walking Dead: The Complete Sixth Season on Blu-Ray and Digital HD which will happen today, August 23. The story was part of a fascinating commentary track for the premiere episode of that season, “First Time Again.” Nicotero explained that Reedus’ alarm clock had a mishap, he didn’t wake up in time and was literally running late for work.

He explained they had put a stunt double in wardrobe in his place, but Norman insisted on making it – madly running to wardrobe, stripping off his clothing along the way and ensuring he was in place when shooting began. In the process, the TWD cast and crew got a sight they will probably never forget as Norman’s naked butt ran past them.

Norman Reedus has done something similar before

While fans won’t get to see Reedus running around the set in his birthday suit, according to US Weekly, this isn’t the first time he’s done something like this.

Reportedly earlier in the summer fans were totally shocked when Norman appeared in a trailer for the new video game, Death Stranding absolutely starkers. Reportedly in that clip, Reedus’ character wakes up on a beach in the nude and then just aimlessly wanders around, revealing all.

Pranks on The Walking Dead set

However, besides running or strolling around naked, Norman has had some other tricks up his sleeve recently.

During July, Reedus posted a video to Instagram showing a prank he played on Rick Grimes’ character, Andrew Lincoln. Basically he filled Lincoln’s air vents in his car with glitter and when “Rick” turned on the AC, glitter exploded all over the interior of his car. Apparently in the past Norman has filled Andrew’s TWD trailer with chickens.

For impatient fans waiting for season 7 of The Walking Dead – the show heads back to AMC on Sunday, October 23.

In the meantime The Walking Dead: The Complete Sixth Season on Blu-Ray and Digital HD is available now.

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