Norman Reedus plays Daryl Dixon on The Walking Dead. He is one of the most popular characters of the show, but rarely reveals spoilers. In fact, the actor has stated several times that he doesn't like TWD spoilers at all.

However, Reedus recently spoke about season 7 and discussed what is being referred to as Negan's Law.

What can fans expect when the zombie apocalypse series returns to AMC this fall?

Negan changes everything in 'The Walking Dead'

If you thought the Governor or Terminus was bad, just wait until season 7.

TWD spoilers reveal that Rick Grimes' group is going to be put through the ringer.

Negan isn't just going to kill one character in the television show. The villain will make it his mission to completely break every member of the group.

Those that have read Robert Kirkman's comic books have an idea of what to expect. Fans that have only watched the TV show will be shocked at what Negan does throughout the season.

It will be a different world when 'The Walking Dead' returns

Norman Reedus told Entertainment Weekly that everything is gong to be flipped upside down.

The residents of Alexandria thought the world was one way. The introduction of Negan's Law will shock them into learning what real fear and terror is all about.

In previous seasons, nearly everyone fought back to survive. However, in season 7 of TWD, not everyone will react the same. Some will fight and others will accept it. Then there are characters who will completely give up.

How Negan's big kill in 'The Walking Dead' will affect the other characters

Since Andrew Lincoln's character was the one who agreed to kill the Saviors at the Sanctuary, there will be some blaming Rick. Others will look at themselves and feel responsible for Negan. It was also revealed that their beliefs will be broken.

This is not just because of Negan killing one of the main characters, but due to other things that will happen.

Everyone will be experiencing grief while learning that Negan is not someone to mess around with.

A divided group and broken loyalties in season 7 of 'The Walking Dead'

Something else that Norman Reedus revealed is that Rick's group will be divided. Not only will there be blame and guilt, but expect some loyalties to be broken.

When it comes to survival, some people will do whatever is necessary to save their own lives. Could one or more of Rick's group side with Negan and the Saviors?

Perhaps be a spy so Negan knows his orders are being obeyed?

There will be some hope in 'The Walking Dead'

The interview definitely made it sound like season 7 is going to be horrifying and intense.

However, don't expect every episode to be brutal or devastating. There is hope, which will be necessary in Negan's world. Maggie's pregnancy is one reason to look toward the future.

The other person that will bring hope is Ezekiel. It is how KharyPayton's character has survived. Perhaps Maggie's baby and Ezekiel's positive outlook willgive Rick's group the hope that they need to survive Negan's Law before it completely destroys them.

What do you think of what Norman Reedus had to say about Negan?

What are your predictions for The Walking Dead season 7?

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