The ladies from The View took a walk on the paranormal side of life with guest Tyler Henry, who is a popular medium to the stars. Henry got the attention of the audience and the cast members bygiving a few physic readings on the set. His readings were so spot on that they ended in tears for two of the hosts of The View.

Sarah Haines and Raven-Symone actually broke down in tears once Henry started to talk about people who were close to these women, but who have passed away.

Spirits visit the ladies of 'The View'

As the Mirror reports, he even pegged an "ankle-biting" dog which immediately got Sarah'sattention as soon as he mentioned the pooch. She had lost her beloved "ankle-biting" dog back in November. The dog, which was a Chihuahua,was a cherished family member to Sarah,according to ABC News. While channeling the canine world was interesting, it was perhaps Raven's grandfather coming through that offered up one of the more emotional moments on The View.

Channeling loved ones

When talking about a rather personal and painful subject regardingRaven'sgrandfather and her mother, Henry tread lightly. He mentioned that there was a drinking problem, who Raven knew was her grandfather. Henry referred to this person as " a man coming through."

He mentions that this man has an apology to pass along and Henry said that he imagines this apology will mean a lot because "it wasn't fair." Apparently, this apology was headed Raven's mother's way because it wasn't fair how she was treated.

Grandma Lou-Lou

Raven insisted on getting her mother on the phone while on The View set because that apology was for her mom. Henry tells Raven's mom of her dad's apology for the drinking issue and then sends her love from both her mother and father, which were Raven's grandparents.

Henry picked up on Raven's grandmother's name, "Grandma Lou-Lou" who he talked about her being a very proud grandmother when it came to her granddaughter, Raven.

Apology from beyond

Before issuing the apology for the alcohol related issue, he knew that althoughRaven's grandmother was married, she had to do things pretty much alone. Raven broke down in tears while on The View and explained how she didn't consider herself a medium, but she can feel someone around her when things go wrong.

As for Sarah's reading, Henry saw two men and one of them died after getting misdiagnosed with a health problem. Sarah immediately knew this was her grandfather and the tears came.

Her grandfather wanted to talk about not spoiling a holiday for Sarah after passing away around a holiday.

Both Sarah and Raven believed that the 20-year-old Henry actually did channel their loved ones who had passed and the tears of sadness and joy flowed from both these hosts of The View.

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