After the filtration of the titles and synopses of the chapters 51, 52, 53 and 54, which have revealed the original plot of the animated series, showing us the appearance of Zamasu and the true origin of Black, we finally have a real concept about this new villain. If you haven't seen the official synopsis of these episodes yet, you can do so by clicking on this link. Up next we have a brief analysis of Black Goku.

According to leaked information, episode number 53 narrates the events of Bills, the god of destruction, who ends up discovering that Black possesses the ki of one of the kaioshins from universe 10, so he immediately goes to that universe with the company of Goku, and of course, also with Whiss, his assistant and teacher.

Zamasu - God of the new world.

After arriving, they would immediately realize that everything is true, and in fact, said Kaioshin has the same ki as Black. His name is Zamasu, and he's known as Kaioshin - God of the new world, who has a melancholy, sad and lonely appearance.


He hates humanity and hides an as yet unknown affliction, or at least, thanks to the opening of the animated series, we can deduce that he is a guy who hides some type of inner suffering. Goku challenges him to combat to prove who is the most powerful and see if he really is who Bills-sama predicted.

The battle has a duration of two episodes, giving as a result a probable triumph of Goku, who confirms everything he had in mind. Although there isn't evidence to prove it yet, it is completely irrefutable to deny the clear relationship between Black and Zamasu. The fact that the dark warrior holds the clay Potara, the ring of time, and even suits of a supreme Kaiosama, means that indeed he is Zamasu.

The white-haired warrior.

A couple of months ago, Akira Toriyamaa talked about the existence of a white-haired warrior who would be a threat to Goku.

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Interestingly, enough, Zamasu has white hair and now that we practically know that he is Black, we could expect a transformation soon. We leave you a video for details.

Super Saiyan pink Black Goku's new transformation.