Long-running American animated satire, “The Simpsons,” has announced plans to release an hour-length musical episode based around F. Scott Fitzgerald classic, “The Great Gatsby.”

What to expect in the upcoming special

Dubbed "The Great Phatsby,"the plot will revolve around Mr. Burns, Homer’s employer and occasional villain of the show, befriending a hip-hop recording artist named Jay G. According to the show’s executive producer Matt Selman, Homerwill function as the Nick Carraway counterpart of the story, serving as a narrator who eventually becomes entangled within the plot.

The episode will be in two parts, called “The Betrayal” and “The Revenge.”

The episode will also contain subplots with Marge opening a boutique shop and Lisa dating a wealthy boy, possibly based around Daisy and Gatsby’s relationship in the classic book. Reportedly, there will also be a subplot involving “a hilarious goose.”The show’s musical numbers will feature a hip-hop theme, reflecting the nature of the story.

The episode is expected to have quite a bit of talent guest starring for the night.

Comedian Keegan-Michael Key, of “Key and Peele” and “MadTv” fame, and Taraji P. Henson from “Empire” are both expected to make appearances, as a rapper named Jazzy James and a character named Praline, respectively, both of whom will help Mr. Burns in a revenge plot.The episode is expected to air sometime in January 2017, as part of the show’s 28th season, which will start on September 25th.

Did they do this before?

While this will be the show’s first hour-long episode, the show had previously made an attempt at a two-parter with the infamous “Who Shot Mr. Burns,” revolving around a whodunit concerning one of the characters shooting Mr. Burns, in 1995. Unlike the upcoming episode, which will be aired at once, the two episodes were shown separately, serving as a Season 6 finale and a Season 7 opening.

Reportedly, this was done to hold a contest in which a lucky viewer would have been animated into the second episode if they guessed the culprit’s identity. However, the idea was dropped none of the official entries correctly guessed the twist ending, in which Maggie was the real shooter.

The show has had other similar gimmicks over the years to present unconventional episodes. Earlier this year, a live episode, making use of computer-generated animation, was released, allowing Homer to talk to audience members who called in through a hotline.

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