DwayneThe RockJohnson took to social media to verbally wipe the floor with male co-starsfrom the movie Fast 8now that they are in their final week of shooting.Although he did not mention anyone by name, it was his male co-workers he targeted with his penned words of fury.

It appears The Rock was careful to make sure these disparaging words were aimed at the male cast members only, as he first spread the praise around about the female cast and the folks behind the scenes of Fast 8.

Female actors get thumbs up!

The actor had nothing but praise for his female counterparts in the movie saying they were "amazing" and The Rockalso offered up kudos to the Fast eightfilm crew, calling them "incredibly hard working." The wrestler turned actor also said that he found "great partners" in Universal Studios Entertainment.

Not all his male co-stars were hard to work with as he did say some were "stand up men" and "true professionals," for for those who weren't, they got his "blood boiling," reports Xfinity Entertainment News.

He makes sure to tell his fans when they watch the movie, which is due to hit the theaters in April, in some of the scenes when he is looking furious, that's because he really is.

Giving a more realistic flare to the movie was the only thing the frustrations that The Rock suffered on the set were good for. When you see the 44-year-old looking peeved in Fast 8, chances are that's because one of his co-workers actually put him in that mood.

Bashes male co-workers

The actor didn't stop there and preceded to call his maleco-stars he was aiming these frustrationsat "candy asses" and "chicken sh*t." The only saving grace for The Rock is that all this angst built up inside of him from working with this group of male actors that started him on this venting-like post is that it "works well for the movie!"

Fast 8 has an impressive line-up of male actors, like Scott Eastwood, Tyrese, Ludacris and Jason Statham and it can be anyone of these menor even a few of them who The Rock has in his scope while penning these words.

So far none of his co-stars have responded to the actor's harsh words.

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