Klaus Mikaelson is currently comatose and locked away in a tomb. However, fans of The Originals will be seeing him soon. Recently, actor Joseph Morgan spoke about his character and the upcoming season. One topic that was discussed was whether Klaus will try to kill Marcel in season 4.

Klaus and Marcel's history

Klaus Mikaelson and Marcel Gerard (Charles Michael Davis) have known each other for a very long time. In fact, Joseph Morgan's character thought of Marcel as family. This is part of why his actions on the season finale of The Originals were so shocking.

Why Marcel punished Klaus

Over the years, Marcel Gerard has trusted Klaus, including when he arrived in New Orleans. He kept having faith in the Mikaelson family and waited patiently. However, Davina's (Danielle Campbell) death was the last straw. He had enough and felt Klaus had spread too much pain in the world. However, he also didn't kill Klaus. in fact, Klaus is alive because he is locked away in an undisclosed location. Over the past five years, numerous people have come to New Orleans looking to murder him.

In a weird way, Marcel may have saved Klaus' life while forcing him to take responsibility.

Klaus Mikaelson will wake up

It is not a matter of if Klaus will wake up, but when. Will it be early in season 4 or later on? Fans don't know the specifics yet, but don't expect the show to go on too long without an appearance from Joseph Morgan's character. This leads us to one final question: what will Klaus be like when he awakens from his coma?

Will Marcel be killed by Klaus?

In an interview by TV Insider, the actor revealed that Joseph's character probably won't try to kill Marcel. Yes, he will be angry, but the relationship between Klaus and Marcel is one of the foundations of The Originals. Morgan also hinted that is what made the events so hurtful was because of the bond the two share.

What do you think is going to happen with Klaus Mikaelson and Marcel Gerard when The Originals returns?

Season 3 does not have a premiere date yet, but expect it to air on The CW network in early 2017.

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