angela kinsey, former star of The Officewas proposed toby her boyfriend earlier this week, and Kinsey shared the story on Instagram and Twitter. The recent engagement comes about seven years after her split from writer and producer Warren Lieberstein.

How he popped the questionto Angela Kinsey

Kinsey usually keeps the details of her personal life under wraps, but this week she discusses in her Instagram post how her boyfriend, now fiance proposed to her earlier in the week.

Before the couple, his two sons, and her daughter, Isabel, left for dinner, Isabel brought her to their backyard to show her mom a fort that his sonsand she had built.

"She led me outside and there was a blanket by the pool and she said I had to sit on it," explained Kinsey on her Instagram post.

Her boyfriend's sons then brought her flowers, before their father popped the question. Kinsey said in her post that he did, indeed, call her mom to ask for her blessing, and how happy that would have made her father, who passed in 2014.

How the ring Angela Kinsey received is special

Kinsey's ring is not the standard engagement ring, and definitely looks nothing like the simple one Dwight Schrute gave her character in the office. But the beautiful, dainty, emerald ring holds a special meaning to the couple. In her announcement posts, Kinsey explained how an emerald is all three of their kids' birthstone. How incredibly thoughtful and special!

What's next for Angela Kinsey?

Amongst the excitement of her new engagement, Kinsey also has a big date to look forward to this October. She is set to star in the Netflix series, Haters Back Off, based on the popular YouTube character Miranda Sings (played by comedian/singer Colleen Ballinger).

In the comedy series, Kinsey will play Bethany, Miranda's mother, who has been a mysterious character, along with Miranda's uncle, on Miranda's videos for years.

Kinsey will bealongside Ballinger, Steve Little, and Eric Stocklin in the series. Haters Back Off willbe released on Netflix on October 14, 2016, with eight episodes.

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