Ivy returns to Los Angeles this week on The Bold and the Beautiful and spoilers tease that she will be quickly finding herself in the midst of juicy chaos. Steffy is furious that Quinn is with Eric and teasers reveal that Ivy will become a key player in how this mess moves forward. What is known so far about her place in all of this?

Bold and Beautiful actress Ashleigh Brewer teases ulterior motives for Ivy

According to the Bold and Beautiful spoilers from Celeb Dirty Laundry, Ivy returns with a desire to get her old job back at Forrester Creations.

However, the buzz is that she may have more than her former job in mind with this return. Apparently, even actress Ashleigh Brewer isn't entirely sure about her character's motives, but she does know that there is more to this return than initially meets the eye.

According to SheKnows Soaps, Brewer's return in the role begins on Wednesday and it sounds like she may be sticking around for a while. Fans have been anxious to see Ashleigh back in the mix of things again and word emerged not long ago that Ivy would be back for more than a quick visit quite soon.

Of course, viewers are betting that Ivy's return to Los Angeles will be related to Liam or Wyatt and this is a prime time for her to throw herself back into the middle of this. The last that everybody saw, she headed to Australia after being busted for being with Wyatt but pleading with Liam for a reunion. The Bold and the Beautiful spoilers tease that as soon as she is back in Los Angeles this time, Quinn will connect with her and offer up a deal of some sort.

How will Quinn use Ivy onBold and Beautiful?

What is it that Quinn has to offer that will appeal to Ivy? It sounds as if Ivy will be relatively supportive of Eric's new relationship, so she may be tasked with trying to get the rest of the family to lighten up about it a bit. Ultimately, however, Bold and Beautiful spoilers share that Quinn will be angling to use Ivy to keep Steffy and Liam from reuniting.

It may be a stretch to think this has any shot of working, but Quinn is never easily dissuaded from a longshot plan.

Is there any chance of Wyatt and Steffy making their marriage work or is she destined to be with Liam? Can Ivy's return to Los Angeles and alliance with Quinn shake things up on this front, or will this be a wasted effort on the part of the ladies? The Bold and the Beautiful spoilers hint at plenty of chaos ahead and fans will not want to miss what comes next.

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