This has been a crazy week in the Big Brother house. Lots of drama and karma topped off with a river of tears. It all really started during Victor's last HOH, before the double eviction, when Natalie told Zakiyah about some things Paulie had said and done that were very inappropriate.

Many on social media agree that Paulie had every right to be upset but how he handled it was the worst way he could have. It turned into a very nasty personal attack against Natalie that ended Paulie's game and sealed his fate in the house.

After the double eviction, Victor regained the title of HOH. Paul and Victor agreed that Paulie had to be nominated and his closest allies, Nicole and Corey, were the other threats to their game. With Nicole receiving safety in America's Care Package, the option to backdoor Paulie was gone He went on the block next to Corey, triggering a major meltdown.

Is Paulie a victim?

Paulie has campaigned, made excuses, tired of dealing, made promises. He has done everything he can, but no one is buying what he is selling.

According to the Inquisitr, the Big Brother houseguests are only concerned that he may return to the game with the Round Trip Ticket. Paulie feels confident he has it because he was the 10th one in the Secret Room and has envelope #10. The houseguests are solid that he has sealed his own fate.

Who wants who out?

The live feeds and Big Brother After Dark give us a peek into the house and the conversations going on behind the scenes.

Nicole and Corey are convinced they are the targets for next week if neither wins the HOH. Sure enough, Victor and Paul have the pair squarely in their sights.

Their plan is to stay in the HOH competition until Nicole, Corey and Michelle are out then throwing the competition to Natalie since she hasn't had a letter from home yet. James has assured them that Natalie would go after Nicole and Corey just as they would.

As the time draws closer for the live eviction, the tension in the house grows. Paulie is holding on to the hope that he can get the three votes he needs. Once he realizes he is actually going to be the evictee this week, the other houseguests expect yet another meltdown from him.

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