Mike Fleiss, the creator of the Bachelor franchise, has told us that the official announcement of the new bachelor would happen on Twitter. He has tweeted hints along the way but nothing that screamed and the next bachelor is...." Well, today is the day.He tweeted that he would tell us prior to Bachelor in Paradise and we can see the new bachelor on tonight's After the Rose. There were plenty of teasers in between and even more comments from frustrated #bachelornation fans anxiously awaiting the news.

Who did the spoilers say?

We have been teased with rumor that it could be Nick Vaill, a very well known Bachelor alum.

He was the 2nd runner up twice as well as being on Bachelor in Paradise twice. The poor guy just hasn't been able to find love. The only problem with naming him as the next Bachelor is that Bachelor in Paradise is still airing.Another name we have had dangled is Luke Pell. He was very popular in Jo Jo Fletcher's season. Even Reality Steve spoke up and said Luke is the guy that will fill the shoes of The Bachelor.

One of Mike Fleiss's tweets tells us that some of the #BachelorNation won't be happy with the choice. That would be true of any choice, however,Mike Fleissletus know that Luke was not the next bachelor.He would leavea tweet up for a very short time and then delete it.

And the next bachelor is.....

After making this the most boring Twitterreveal ever, in an attempt to be dramatic, Mike Fleiss finally announced that Juan Pablo Galavis was our guy. Quickly that tweet disappeared and as Nick Vaill came on stage on After the Rose Mike Fleiss finally posted that he is our new bachelor.

As expected the initial reaction is torn on social media. The Bachelor franchiseeditors have been much nicer in the last couple of shows compared to when we first meet Nick. Some fans are very disappointed to have a season of Nick Vaill, however. Though we all want him to find love the problem is how many times we have watched him already.

On a side note -- Mike Fleiss lost a lot of Twitter fans with how he handled this. Dragging it out for so long, then the day finally comes to make an announcement that will get mixed reviewsand he plays games with the fans that pay him by watching.

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