Now that JoJo Fletcher's run asThe Bachelorette is over, viewers are starting to look ahead to the next season ofThe Bachelor due to air next winter. While an official announcement has not been made yet, show creator Mike Fleiss is teasing that he will be sharing the franchise's decision soon. Could JoJo Fletcher's cast-off Luke Pell be the man in the lead to score the gig?

The Bachelor2017 lead buzz points to one frontrunner

Gossip guru "Reality Steve" has been saying for some time now that the nextBachelor lead would quite likely be Luke Pell.

He points out that the franchise has been consistent in recent seasons in picking someone from the most recently-wrapped season, and typically the new lead comes from the previous final four. In looking at JoJo Fletcher's season, that means that Robby Hayes, Luke, and Chase McNary are the most likely possibilities.

Reality Steve has completely discounted Robby as an option, even though he certainly has his fan base and he most definitely charmed Fletcher's parents. However,manyBachelor fans agree that Hayes isn't the right guy for the gig.

Many viewers fell for Chase during JoJo Fletcher's journey to find love as well, and the gossip king has said that McNary certainly was considered. However, it sounds as if Luke has been the primary focus for quite some time now and many are betting he will soon get the nod officially.

When will theBachelor lead be formally announced?

Fleiss shared via Twitter that he would be sharing the news about the nextBachelorlead first via his social media page.

However, he did not detail just when he would reveal the franchise's pick, other than it being "soon." If indeed Mike is ready to reveal the big decision via Twitter soon, that will be quite unusual in a couple of ways.

First, the show usually shares this news around the same time that filming begins, which is typically in mid-September. Second, it would be uncharacteristic of theBachelor pick to come via a tweet rather than a big announcement on television.

For example, in recent history, the new lead has often been revealed during aDancing With the Stars broadcast, and viewers could certainly see it done in conjunction with theBachelor in Paradise finale or something similar.

ManyBachelor andBachelorette fans seem to be clamoring to see Luke Pell get the gig, although Chase McNary has a vocal base of support rallying for him as well. Do you think the network and Mike Fleiss will announce one of these two as ABC'sThe Bachelor 2017 lead soon or will they pull together a shocker for fans and go with someone else?

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