The lead chosen to be The Bachelor 2017 contender was a shock to everyone -- including famous Bachelor spoiler, Reality Steve. Nick Viall was announced as the lead over the much-anticipated front-runner, Luke Pell. For months fans have awaited to hear that it was Luke that would be named the next man to find love in 2017, but producer Mike Fleiss threw everyone for a loop when he revealed on Twitter Tuesday night that it would be Nick.

Why ABC pulled a fast one

Bachelor host, Chris Harrison, spoke with People magazine to reveal why ABC chose Nick Viall over Luke Pell for next year's lead. He shared that Nick was the "perennial, second place guy who wants to find love and is as sincere, if not more sincere, than anybody about finding it." He added that it seemed appropriate for Nick to have finally his chance at finding love and that he's the most deserving of it in the eyes of the show's producers.

Harrison continued that it'll help a lot that Josh Murray won't be in the picture this time. He won Andi Dorfman's heart in Nick's first season on The Bachelorette and then he lost again on Bachelor in Paradise when Murray coincidentally paired up with Amanda Stanton.

Nick Viall most 'sincere' and 'deserving.'

Harrison couldn't overemphasize enough that Nick is the most "sincere" and "deserving" of all the candidates that producers of the show were looking at. In the end, it was Nick that seemed the perfect choice for The Bachelor 2017.

Perhaps another reason behind the decision was that Nick wasn't "actively" campaigning to be a lead, or was asking for it. He's shown his genuine feelings on-screen when it comes to human emotion and having his heart broken.

He's lost at love three times in the franchise. Chris Harrison firmly believes that Nick will find the woman of his dreams in 2017.

Harrison remarked that there's "no rules that say we can't use somebody that's been on the show or hasn't been on the show or whatever."

While it's a shock for many who believed Luke Pell, Chase McNary, or even Robby Hayes, could have been chosen as the lead, ABC knows how to keep its fans on its toes!

Harrison said he advised Nick Viall not to change anything going in for his chance to find love. He urged him to remain true to himself and be the "same, sweet, sincere" guy everyone fell in love with. It's that formula that will make him a winner throughout the season.

Are you excited about the news that Nick will be looking for love next season?

The Bachelor 2017 will premiere in January.

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