The 100 will have a different kind of theme in season 4. Instead of the enemy being a person, group, or even artificial intelligence, it will be a nuclear disaster. However, this will not be the only problem for Clarke's group.

Spoilers tease that everyone is going to be angry with the Sky Crew. Could the Grounders declare war and if so, how will that factor into who gets to survive the second apocalypse?

Nuclear crisis cannot be stopped

At Comic-Con, it was teased by executive producer Jason Rothenberg that the nuclear threat cannot be slowed down or stopped.

Destruction is on its way, and the humans can only try to survive it.

Perhaps The 100 characters will find a shelter similar to Mount Weather. They could also build one if they can find the resources and time. Another popular speculation is that the Sky Crew will know where the safety locations are. However, it was stated that there are not enough lifeboats for everyone. This means someone has to decide who will die.

Sky Crew blamed for ALIE's actions

The nuclear disaster is not the only danger in season 4.

The 100 executive producer teased that the Grounders will have a difficult time dealing with ALIE's mind control. Just because Clarke (Eliza Taylor) saved everyone doesn't mean she is seen as a hero.

The Grounders and Ice Nation will be furious at the things they were forced to do. Instead of blaming the artificial intelligence or even Jaha (Isaiah Washington), they will target Clarke's group.

Will the Grounders and Ice Nation declare war?

Recently, it was announced that fans of The 100 would see a lot more of Roan. He The Ice Nation leader will likely join in the fight, but what side will he be on? Last season, Clarke told Roan about ALIE, and he tried to help. However, their plan failed. When the CW post-apocalyptic series returns, will he be understanding? Or will Ice Nation join the Grounders in their rage over what was done?

Octavia caught in the middle in 'The 100.'

Even though Octavia Blake was initially part of the Sky Crew, she is more of a Grounder these days. When it came to choosing between the clan and her own brother, Marie Avgeropoulos' character beat Bellamy to a bloody pulp. Spoilers hint that Octavia will be even angrier in season 4.

However, her position between the two groups may be useful. If she gets her emotions under control, Octavia could be a negotiator that may help stop a war before it starts.

Will the Sky Crew just worry about saving themselves?

Clarke is always thinking about everyone else. She is still loyal to Lexa, even though the commander is dead.

Everyone else will probably want to keep quiet about the nuclear threat and just save themselves.

However, Clarke probably won't be able to do that because of her personality and her love for Lexa. This will create an even bigger issue because it means that someone will have to choose only a few to survive. Who gets to make this decision in season 4 of The 100 and how can a choice like that be made fairly?

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