Family dramas have ahuge demand in Tollywood, and to fulfill the needs of these audiences, here comes Srirastu Shubamastu directed by Parasaram.

The movie reached the theaters all around Andhra/Telangana region on August 05, 2016.

The film has now started receiving mixed to negative reviews, and if it goes like this, then this outing will not be able to resist the competition posed by another Telugu movie, Mohanalal starer Manamatha.

A very cliched storyline

The show showcases the story of Kartik (Allu Sirish), a young man who goes on a business trip to Kashmir valley. During the journey, he rescues Ananya (Lavanya Tripathi) from a trekking accident.

Soon love blossoms between the two, and what follows is a cliched song. Soon, the youthful man meets his lover's dad and expresses his love for his daughter. But his girlfriend's father rejects his request which compels him to take a new turn.

Average direction, and above average script

This movie will be known for its script, but not for the direction. Parasharam has tried his best to impress the family audiences of the state, but at many times, his attempts went in vain, and in some instants, the viewers will feel like they are watching a TV serial.

Melodrama is plenty in this cinema, and at some occasions, it will test the viewer's patience.

The only memorable moments in this film are the last two shots which are filled with immense sentiments.

The dialogues were very touching, and during some scenes, it may make your eyes wet too.

Comedy track between Ali and Subbaraja is another attraction of this film.

Both the lead actors have done an excellent job, and their performance acted as a sigh of relief in the bore filled story.

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Shirish has proved himself as an actor in this feature. His comic timing has improved a lot, and in romantic scenes, he excelled with his lady counterpart.

Altogether, Sirastu Subhamastu is just an ordinary picture. You can watch it if you have so much free time in your schedule.

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