'Teen Mom' star Jenelle Evans' pregnancy announcement brought some very mixed emotions from her co-stars Farrah Abraham and Kaitlyn Lowery. As you may expect Farrah was straight up and to the point about how she feels about Jenelle's recent baby announcement. Farrah claims that she believes that the "Teen Mom" cast members who are pregnant, or planning to get pregnant soon are doing it for one big reason, to "milk" the "Teen Mom" fame as long as possible.

Farrah is not about getting pregnant again on 'Teen Mom'

Evans recently announced that she was expecting her third baby, which she revealed is a girl, with current boyfriend David Eason. Abraham, who was fairly snarky about the news, showed up to the VMAs wearing a full on Wonder Woman costume, and stated that the Teen Mom cast getting pregnant is what makes the show after all.

Strangely enough, some found it more than a bit funny to hear Farrah talking about Jenelle using her pregnancy to gain more fame.

Farrah has been scrutinized pretty much daily for allegedly using her 7-year-old daughter Sophia to gain attention, both on and off of the show. As recently reported, Farrah also received some major backlash for a few other comments she made about Beyonce and her daughter Blue Ivy.

Farrah speaks out

After posting a photo of the superstar on social media, Farrah stated that had her daughter Sophia been permitted to attend the VMAs like Beyonce's daughter Blue had been, then Sophia would have blown Blue away on the Red Carpet.

Needless to say, Beyonce's fans took care of the matter online with a full-on Beyhive attack on Abraham. Farrah then wasted no time backtracking and stating that there was some confusion over her post and that she and Sophia had no hate towards Beyonce and Blue Ivy.

Sometimes it is wiser to not post everything one thinks or feels on social media all the time, it is a poster beware kind of situation.

But on a lighter note, at least one of Jenelle Evans'co-stars, Kaitlyn Lowry offered a few words of kindness and congratulated Evans on the news. Whether or not the words were completely heartfelt remains to be seen. We all know that at any given moment these young women of "Teen Mom" fame can, and will turn on each other at the drop of a hat.

Whether the feelings are honest or not one thing is for sure: it will make for some extra juicy drama in the upcoming seasons of MTV's "Teen Mom" reality series.

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