During the last episode of Teen Mom OG Simon Saran, Farrah Abraham's boyfriend, was tweeting his thoughts on some of the cast. He called out Tyler Baltierra, husband of Catelynn Lowell, for allegedlynot having a job. Simon was far from through, however. He went on to ponder what the other two domestic partners on the series do for a living. In Simon's opinion they all seem to sit around a lot.

Some of the Twittertweets made it over to a social media fan page where someone asked what the members would do it they were Tyler.

Simon helped answer that query by retweeting some of the responses he had received from his followers.

His comments were notonly for the men in Farrah'sTeen Mom OG co-star's life.Simon also tweeted about "whales" on the show. He made sure everyone knew that he disapproved of one thing or another.

What did Simon tweet about Farrah?

Simon'stweeting next shows that he posted several pics of Farrah both nude and semi-nude. Some of his followers asked him to keep them coming. He was alsoquestioned by a follower on why he tweets nude pics of her and retweets when someone slams her.

Are they engaged?

As for Simon's relationship with Farrah, it isn't doing as well as she would like it to by all reports. They have been on and off for the last couple of years but Farrah wanted to get engaged. On a recent Teen Mom OG show she took Simon shopping and purchased herself a 14 carat ring.

She said later that he was supposed to pay her back for it but hadn't given her anything at the time of telling the story on the show.

She also said it was still put up because he hasn't asked her to wear it yet. The odds of the ring going on Farrah's finger aren't looking very good at this time. Simon is just not as set on the idea of commitment in the relationship as she is.

It sounds like Simon Saran isn't working on personal relationships on the set of Teen Mom OG. The focus of the franchise is to gain insight into the struggles of single parenting and co-parenting.

The limelight just shifted to a rough round of Twitter tweets instead.

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