The relationship between "Teen Mom OG" Amber Portwood and Matt Baier has been a roller coaster ride for sure. There has been controversy between and around them as well ascriticism for Amber being withMatt tobeginwith.A lot of the drama has gone on in front of the cameras for fans to see.

Is older-man Matt Baier a good catch for Amber Portwood?

Matt allegedly had attempted to start relationships with both Jenelle Evans and Farrah Abraham before making his way to Amber. As expected, this makes her friends and family suspicious of his true reasons for beingin the relationship. Also there is concern over the way Matt treats Amber Portwood.

They were engaged in Las Vegas but that trip was marred by Matt's explosive temper.

Last season on "Teen Mom OG" Amber's ex-boyfriend Gary Shirley was able to shed some light onMatt'sbackground. He had actual documentation that showed that Matt had fathered several children with different mothers. Amber was obviously upset at learning something that had been kept secret from her but managed to keep it off the cameras.

Their relationship has been in the media several times due to the signs of problems. It seems they could barely get one incident behind them before another was in front of them.They have been together quite a while and announced their engagement last Fall. Apparently Amber has finally taken a long hard look at the relationship and ended the wedding plans that were scheduled for October.

There is no word on Matt's reaction.

According to "Inquisitr" there are still two "Teen Mom" starweddings in October. The brides-to-beare Chelsea Houska andMaci Bookout.

How will this impact the season of "Teen Mom OG"?

While it appears that Amber and Matt are still a couple, she has decided to let the fans see what led to her decision to rethink the wedding.

It will all be on "Teen Mom OG" this upcoming season which begins on August 22nd. The two's relationship will be ondisplay, and it's likely that the details will come out in the media once again.

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