Amber Portwood and Gary Shirley have been fighting over Leah for a long time. It was recently revealed that the two ended their custody battle. In an interview, the MTV personalityclarified a few things and spoke about their decision.

Amber Portwood did not lose the custody case

The Teen Mom OGTV personality made it clear to People magazine that she did not lose the court case. In fact, she and Gary Shirley never even went to court. They decided to settle things on their own. The former couple both wanted what was best for their daughter, Leah. They came up with a solution that worked well for everyone.

Amber and Gary's custody agreement

Leah's father was given primary custody when Amber went to prison. After her release, she fought to get her daughter back. However, Gary Shirley resisted this. Recently, the two decided that Gary should keep primary custody. However, the reality television personality gets to see and talk to her child whenever she wants. She also gets Leah on the weekends and they split custody during the summer. Amber says that the agreement is working well for everyone in the family.

Why Amber made the decision

If Amber was given custody, Leah would have to change schools. Not only did the reality star not want to do this, Leah is currently in an advanced program. The MTV personality didn't want to take that away from her daughter.

As readers know, stability is important to children, so this was likely another factor into Amber and Gary's decision to settle their custody dispute out of court.

Where do Amber and Gary go from here?

For right now, Gary Shirley and Amber Portwood are happy with their arrangement. Their child, Leah, is also pleased.

She gets to stay in her room at her current home. She also gets to stay at her school as well as the advanced program she is involved in. The only real difference is the fighinghas stopped and Amber gets to see her daughter whenever she wants.

What do you think of Amber Portwood and Gary Shirley settling their custody case out of court?

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