Teen Mom starKailyn Lowry's nightmare is coming true. The news is out that Javi Marroquin has moved on and is already dating after their split. Javi is back from deployment and moving on with someone new. Javi actually spoke to Radar Online and explained that he found someone new, but they are just taking it slow because they are both really busy. Javi said he took her out last weekend. It doesn't sound like it is very serious yet at this time.

Why is he dating already?

Javi shared that he loves being in a relationship and this is part of why he is dating already.

He thought it was time to move on. He just got home from deployment, but he split from Kailyn clear back in May. Javi said that he loves sharing his life with one person. It just appears that this one person won't be Kailyn Lowry ofTeen Mom.

Right now Javi Marroquin isn't sharing who he is dating. He isn't ready to let anyone know, but he did say, "I make sure I tell them right off the bat my situation. Obviously, my choice of girls is different because I do have a son. So that’s big for me." He is making sure that he puts what is best for the kids first and that shows he is a great man.

Is his son going to meet her already?

Javi shared that the new girl in his life hasn't met his son Lincoln yet, but he doesn't feel like he needs to ask Kailyn before he does it. Javi is the father of Lincoln and says he will know when the right time to do it is, but he won't ask her permission first. Javi even said that he doesn't have any kind of say of when Kailyn Lowry introduces their son to new men in her life.

The thing is Javi wants to make sure the boys have a man in their life that supports them. He says he has shown the boys what this is like and he is hoping that when Kailyn Lowry starts to date it is someone like that in her life.

Are you shocked to hear that Javi Marroquin is already moving on and dating someone new? Do you think that he should have waited longer? Sound off in the comments section below on your thoughts, and don't miss new episodes ofTeen Mom: OG when it returns.

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