Teen Mom 2Jenelle Evans has a long history of bad boy relationships. She seems drawn to the type of guy the local police know. With the latest series of events, we have to ask if 26-year-old Joshua Miller isthe most dangerous of her former love interests?

What legal trouble is Joshua Miller facing?

According to Rader Online,the Boiling Springs Lakes Police Department filed an incident report at 4 PM on August 4th in which Joshua was named as a suspect in a kidnapping and car theft. Apparently, Joshua, the passenger,was left in the running car with the child as his girlfriend, Brittany Maggard, ran into the store.

He jumped into the driver's seat of the $30,000 Toyota Corolla and left. After driving a short distance, he put the three-year-old child in the middle of the road and left her. Maggard's daughter was returned to her unharmed.

There are allegations of a breaking and entering as well. Joshua Miller is the suspect in a possible break in at the single familyhome of Brittany Maggard on Friday, August 5th.

How is 'Teen Mom 2'Jenelle Evans reacting?

In 2011Teen Mom 2Jenelle Evans had dated Joshua Miller. He was on the show, but the relationship didn't last long. He was sleeping with other women and Jenelle dumped him over the infidelity. She posted a story of this incident on her Facebook page but didn't acknowledge he was her ex.

She wrote, "Everyone!!! Help out my friend finds this guy!!! Stole my friend's car with her 3-year-old inside and then dropped her daughter off in the middle of the road!!!! He's wanted in Florida for charges as well. Last seen in the Brunswick County area".

Jenelle Evans seems to be staying clear of Joshua Miller and the chaos he has going on.

Her post on Facebook lets us know that he is a part of her past.

Jenelle is very popular on the hit reality TV showTeen Mom 2. She lives her life in front of the cameras with all the drama of raising children while still growing up herself. One of her sons is being raised by her mother, and the other is with her.

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